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Coach Kristína

Your coach for the energetic upgrade

I help 9-5ers with their energetic upgrade.

We´ll be working on finding and setting your work-life balance, even though in my perspective it has a much greater meaning. My point is to identify where to find your source of energy, to then be fully present and energetic in your job. To present everything what you like doing  and what gives you energy in your daily life. Let´s have fun in life!

Kristina Duffkova
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Life full of energy

Do you feel exhausted, frustrated, bored, mentally and physically tired? Do you feel that your life is just flying away? That every day looks exactly the same? Do you don´t even remember on your last FLOW moment when you forgot about the whole world? When you have to wake up in the morning you´re feeling staying longer in bed and not going anywhere?

Yes, you can definitely deal with it that way, but according to my experience after some time we´ll feel, that something is attracting us...That something could be the desire to live a better life. The belief, that there must be something more...That the life can´t be about this... Do you feel that attraction? Attraction to life, which you´ve always dreamt of? The life full of energy, entusiasm, smarkly moments, looking forward to creating and working?

That´s our evolutionary, reproductive side in us calling.​

How do we want to show up in front of mirror, our family, the world, next generation? What message do we want to leave in people when we´ll be gone? That choice is ours.

Our energy is the key for us. Without it we are only empty boxes without a reaction to the surroundings, without ideas, without the desire to invent something. Without gaining energy on a regular basis even a most interesting job will be exhausting. We won´t be able to create, what we want a helping more people.

The world needs us to stay fit!​

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Your Information

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What´s the difference between a brain-based coaching session and a therapy session?

In coaching, we move forward, we don't analyze the past. We focus on where we are, where we want to get to and what we need to do to get there. We do not discuss the past in detail. We work with what we have.

How often is it recommended to meet?

Since tasks arise from individual coaching sessions that should be completed before the next meeting, the optimal frequency of meeting should be once a week or once every two weeks. It depends on your time options. However, what should be considered is the link-up of the sessions, the priority of tasks, responding to the current situation so that your work doesn´t go away with a longer pause.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

What you need is determination and willingness to work on yourself. Have an open mind to new possibilities and a desire to overcome yourself.

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